Mortgage advice for expats

As an expat you can get a mortgage in the Netherlands and buy a house. The procedures, rules and conditions are different compared to a mortgage process for  Dutch citizens. We know what is needed and at which banks you can get a mortgage.

Buying a house of your own

In the Netherlands you can finance up to the purchase price for buying a house. In addition, own money is required to pay the additional costs. You need to consider the expenses for getting a mortgage as well as the costs for registering the house. As an expat, how can you apply for a mortgage?

Wide range of possibilities for expats

Not every bank will give a mortgage loan to expats. Fortunately there is a wide range of possibilities for expats. The advisors at KOK Advies know the way for you. Of course there are strict rules and regulations. This is exactly why we can guide you through the process. We have been very successful in helping many expats getting a mortgage and by this buying their beautiful house in The Netherlands.

What are the Dutch rules and conditions?

The value of the house and the stability of income are important factors for banks. The house must have sufficient value for the mortgage loan. In addition, a bank must be convinced that the mortgage payments are affordable for you now and in the future. Of course there are more rules and conditions, these are known to us and we include them in our proposal.

Our mortgage advice is always based on your personal situation

Choosing a mortgage is more than choosing the lowest interest rate. The conditions of the mortgage are especially important for expats. Our advice is always personal. Together with you we determine what monthly costs are affordable for you and how you wish and need to insure the risks of loss of income such as death, disability at work, joblessness and pension.

What is possible in your situation?

What is your connection with the Netherlands as an expat? And what are your future plans? These are important questions when choosing a mortgage.

So feel free to contact us so we can schedule an introductory meeting. During the meeting we calculate how much you can borrow, how much savings you have (or want to) to invest and you will get an estimation of the monthly housing costs.  We are completely independent and not affiliated with a lender. Our search is focused at finding the bank and the mortgage which suits you best.

Many expats have already been supported by us in obtaining a mortgage in order to buy a house

Many expats have found their way to KOK Advies for a mortgage. Our consultants advisors know the local market and have extensive knowledge of and experience with the regulations and conditions for expats.

Introductory meeting

Are you curious how KOK Advies can advise you as an expat? We will be happy to schedule a free initial meeting at our office in Amstelveen.

Our Team

This is our team: our mortgage advisors knows about the extra rules and regulations that expats will be confronted with. They will help you with the best mortgages and all your questions. Contact them to know your possibilities.

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